A coastal garden

On the windswept promenade of Redcar, Eves and Lewis Landscape Design was commissioned to design both front and back gardens. Our brief was to maximise the planting space with hardy plants that would tolerate the harsh seaside exposure to wind and salt spray.

The rear courtyard is a tranquil green haven enclosed by a rendered pale blue wall, against which grows Golden Hops, Hydrangea petiolaris and a Morello cherry.

A mirrored screen reflects the garden creating an illusion of a continuous space. Against this grows a fragrant Trachelospermum jasminoides (Confederate Star Jasmine). Behind the screen is a storage shed with a green roof upon which grow Sedums and Sempervivums.

The front garden frames a fantastic view across the bay and out to sea. A low hedge of Griselinia gives a sense of privacy for the large bay window, beneath which grow plants that thrive under extreme coastal conditions.