Contractorsʼ plans

Detailed plans used to communicate the design to third parties to provide like - for - like quotations and include the following:

A Setting Out Plan which shows the levels involved in the new garden layout, these figures are on a separate plan so that they can be seen clearly in isolation by the contractor. Construction drawings: these are detailed drawings of proposed hard-landscaping elements such as water features, patio areas etc. These drawings will enable us to clearly communicate what is needed to a contractor. A Contract document is a written contract which supplies the contractor with all of the relevant specifications regarding the garden build: specific materials to be used, depth of paving and hardcore, composition of cement mixes, timber fixings to be used etc. It also includes a code of practice which conforms to current building legislations.

We are not affiliated with any particular landscaper and always obtain three quotes for the work. This allows us to act as independent consultants working on behalf of our clients. We work with several different landscapers, all of whom have been vetted by us.

We offer a project monitoring service whereby we regularly visit the garden as it is being built, ensuring that the build quality is up to our high standard and that our plans are being followed. If problems do occur we can act as a mediator between the client and the landscaper ensuring that the build goes as smoothly as possible.