A Richmond Country Garden

Situated in the Richmond village of Hudswell this garden has stunning views over the Yorkshire Dales. Our brief for this garden was to maximise the views of the surrounding landscape whilst providing shelter from the wind and creating areas for sitting and entertaining. The planting was to be low maintenance with year round interest and stunning colour.

A curved path leads from an extended rectangular patio leading to the first of two circular areas sheltered by evergreen hedging. This area for evening dining and relaxation catches the setting sun from the west.

Along the path a second larger circular amphitheatre is flanked by two semi circular dry stone walls upon which sits a timber seat hand made by Chris from western red cedar. This area terminates in an arc of Thyme – covered steps leading the eye straight out towards Barden Moor.

Around the circular areas two large raised beds contain stunning meadows of perennial flower mixes. Seeded this springtime from two ‘Pictorial Meadow’ Mixes they are already humming with bees and giving a spectacular display that blends seamlessly into the countryside beyond.The westerly bed contains a ribbon of immature Crab Apples which will form a stilt hedge that winds its way through the garden towards the boundary providing blossom and fruit.