What We Do

We offer a flexible service tailored to individual clients’ needs. Working on projects with budgets from £10,000.

The garden design process involves 5 stages, all of which are detailed below.

Stage 1: Consultation

Durham Sketch

All projects begin with an initial face to face consultation with both Chris and Karen. This usually takes approximately two hours during which time they will listen to your requirements for the garden. The site will be viewed, comprehensive notes taken and immediate ideas and suggestions offered. If you have any particular problems such as overgrown trees, shady or damp areas, on the spot advice will be offered.

We will then present our portfolio, show example plans and explain the design process in full.

After this meeting a unique proposal letter will be generated which includes a brief based upon the details of our meeting, a detailed quote, and a report outlining specific problems and possible solutions. Upon acceptance of this letter the design process will begin.

A fee of £80 will be charged for the consultancy visit, this includes travel expenses.

Stage 2: Site survey


For each project a site survey is taken which includes: accurate levels, measurements of the property and its boundaries, soil type/condition, a record of existing trees and shrubs, the position of utilities, and the aspect of the garden. A thorough photographic record of the existing garden will also be taken. For small to average size plots Eves & Lewis Landscape Design offers a surveying service, for very large plots professional surveyors may be needed.

Stage 3: Concept Stage

Concept Sketch

An overall concept sketch plan is made which takes your original Client Brief as its inspiration. This copy can then be discussed and, if necessary, amended. To accompany the concept sketch a mood board is created which consists of a computerised slideshow of images to illustrate the concept design. These images of plants, gardens, water features, sculptures, and hard landscaping elements give a flavour of the atmosphere of the new garden. From this meeting a Presentation Plan is drawn up with all of the specific elements in their final position

Stage 4: Planting Plan

Planting Plan

A separate plan details all of the planting material within the new garden design with their quantities and position. The planting plan shows each plant as it would be when fully grown into its space, this ensures that the space isn’t initially over planted and that each plant can grow into its own space comfortably without becoming a maintenance issue.If required, further consultancy visits to discuss maintenance can also be arranged. We offer an Initial Maintenance Service for any garden we have fully designed.

Stage 5: Contractor’s Plans

Layout plan showing new levels

These include a ‘setting out plan’. This shows the levels involved in the new garden layout, these figures are on a separate plan so that they can be seen clearly in isolation by the contractor. Construction drawings: these are detailed drawings of proposed hard-landscaping elements such as water features, patio areas etc. These drawings will enable us to clearly communicate what is needed to a contractor. Contract document: this is a written contract which supplies the contractor with all of the relevant specifications regarding the garden build: specific materials to be used, depth of paving and hardcore, composition of cement mixes, timber fixings to be used etc. It also includes a code of practice which conforms to current building legislations.

For more details or if you would like to contact us please visit our contact page.